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about us

Colors has been in business in Vancouver for over 25 years. We are experienced in combining the clients' taste with our extensive knowledge of interior decorating and renovation to create an elegant and welcoming home that respects their personality and culture.

We work within the clients' budget. Colors handles the extensive details required to successfully realize the chosen look. This includes research, ordering, deliveries, purchases, payments, trade coordination, installations, etc.

This comprehensive approach has given our clients an enjoyable and easy experience in making their new home inviting.


We specialize in home transformations and renovations, both indoor & outdoor designs. Our high quality trades and connections create a style suited to your vision.

Working with us gives you access to many wholesale sources:

  • Indoor & outdoor furniture

  • Selections for flooring & fireplaces

  • Lighting design

  • Custom cabinets, framing & countertops

  • Faux finish & wallpaper

  • Landscaping & much more...



One real estate agent, John, had been struggling to get listings for months. He tried all the standard marketing techniques but nothing seemed to work. After working with Colors Design Group and attending a training course, he learned how to use color psychology to stage homes and create a more inviting atmosphere. Within weeks, he had multiple listings and his business began to thrive. 

Another agent, Sarah, was having trouble closing deals with potential buyers. She took Colors by Design training and learned how to use color to create a sense of urgency and excitement in potential buyers. Her sales increased dramatically and she became one of the top agents in her areas. 

Contact us today to inquire about our
training programs & other offerings. 

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